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PPLA Club Calendar 2018 May to October

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May to October 2018



May 2018

Saturday 5 Practice

Sunday 6 Intro Day

Saturday 12 Practice

Sunday 13 Practice/Adv Trg/Testing*

Saturday 19 Club Comp Setups

Sunday 20 Club Comp P5

Saturday 26 Practice

Sunday 27 Practice


June 2018

Saturday 2 Practice

Sunday 3 Intro Day

Saturday 9 Practice.  Long Weekend

Sunday 10 Practice.  Long Weekend

Saturday 16  Club Comp Setups

Sunday 17 Club Comp P6

Saturday 23 Practice/Set up STEEL

Sunday 24 Practice/STEEL Match P7

Saturday 30 Practice


July 2018

Sunday 1 Intro Day

Saturday 7 Practice

Sunday 8 Practice/Adv Trg/Testing*

Saturday 14 Club Comp Setups

Sunday 15 Club Comp P8

Saturday 21 Practice

Sunday 22 Practice

Saturday 28 Shotgun Comp setup

Sunday 29 Shotgun Comp


August 2018



Saturday 11 WORKING BEE SSM1


Friday 17 SSM1 PRE-MATCH

Saturday 18 SSM1 P9

Sunday 16 SSM1 P10

Saturday 25 Practice

Sunday 26 Practice


September 2018

Saturday 1 Practice

Sunday 2 Intro Day

Saturday 8 Practice

Sunday 9 Practice/Adv Trg/Testing*

Saturday 15 Club Comp Setups

Sunday 16 Club Comp P11

Saturday 22 Practice

Sunday 23 Practice

Saturday 29 Practice

Sunday 30 Practice


October 2018

Saturday 6 Practice

Sunday 7 Intro Day

Saturday 13 Practice

Sunday 14 Practice/Adv Trg/Testing*

Saturday 20 Club Comp Setups

Sunday 21 Club Comp P12

Saturday 27 Practice/Set up STEEL

Sunday 28 Practice/STEEL Match P13

Important Information


PLEASE NOTE: That due to the numbers of people turning up on the FIRST Sunday of each month, members are reminded that ranges 5, 6 & 7 are fully booked for these sessions until 3.00pm.

*Advanced Training Days commence at 1.00 pm. No bookings required.

*Grading Days are scheduled for those members who do not have a grading and will be held if there are people there to be graded. These days start at 3.00pm. No bookings required.

TESTING Days are for those members who need to carry out their License Safety Course OR the Holster Test.

NO BOOKING--NO TESTING   Book via the Instructor to authorise this booking. Starts at 9.30am.

ALL working bees are indicated in RED

All Friday's and Monday's at the range are Practice days unless otherwise stated; Ranges 5, 6 & 7 are open. A RANGE OFFICER MUST in attendance at all times on EACH Range being used!!!

Please Note: All members are required to attend Setup Days and a minimum of 2 working bees per membership year. If you cannot make it, you will be required to pay a levy when renewals come around.


All dates/comps are subject to change without notice, check the website,


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