Welcome to the PPLA web page.

PPLA is Victoria’s largest IPSC club with fantastic facilities that ensure we can shoot all 3 disciplines of IPSC.

Handgun attendance requirements 2021

The LRD has issued a statement that it will waive ALL handgun attendance requirements for the 2021 calendar year.

This is a good step forward for them and it will be greatly appreciated by all Handgun License holders.

Please note that the club is STILL required to provide the LRD with an annual report, so do not throw out your personal attendance sheets for 2021.

We will still require them after 31 December 2021.

Thank you.

As an introduction to PPLA and IPSC, you may like to watch the video above.


Situated at  the SSAA Eagle Park range complex at Little River, we have access to 21  pistol ranges which can be used for shotgun and rifle competition as  well. Thus the ability of PPLA to run pistol, rifle and shotgun competitions put us in a position envied by many. We have a fully self-contained clubhouse with all facilities; kitchen, toilets, showers, TV and a great heated and cooled clubhouse to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our club has hosted many National and International events over the years  including the IPSC National Championships, IPSC Australasian Championships, Steel Challenge Nationals and the World Police and Fire Games.

What we do.

PPLA is an IPSC only club, in that we only compete in the one discipline. IPSC is the fastest, most action orientated pistol sport in the world.  Competitors use only full power handguns with a minimum caliber of 9mm.  IPSC originated in the US in the early 1950’s and has become a favorite  in over 100 countries around the world. More information on IPSC can be  found at www.ipsc.org.au


PPLA has over 235 members and runs regular competitions on the third  Sunday of each month. Specialized training days for new members are on the first Sunday of each month, although every Sunday is a training day for new and not so new members. Competition results can be found on the results page or on our club practiscore page.

PPLA members are amongst the best shooters in the country, with members and previous members being major winners at many State and National Championships.  PPLA also has within its members, leading National and International  Range Officials. Without these Officials, matches would not function.

So please  feel free to contact the President if you require more information about joining what we like to describe as Australia’s Premier Club.